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Collins and Hammarlund Service DVDs are still available!


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Even though the Collins Video Libraries are primarily in DVD format now, we still have some of these videos in VHS tape format. We are selling any of our remaining stock of VHS tapes of all of our videos AT HALF OFF THE RETAIL PRICE! If you still use a VHS machine at home, here is a great way to save some money and still own the premier home assistants when you are working on your Collins Radio equipment. We have the Collins 30L-1, 30S-1 and KWS-1 VHS videos and the Tang Soo Do VHS Videos still in stock. Please contact us if you have questions...



...SO ARE THE PDC-1 and P-1 KITS!

The original Collins, Hammarlund and Tang Soo Do Video Libraries are now available in DVD format!

Now you can work on your Collins (and Hammarlund) classics with the help of our world famous videos but in digital format on your computer or DVD player! All the prices are the same as their sibling VHS tapes, except for the 75S-3/32S-3 DVD.  It is $89.95 as it is now a full 4 hours long and includes the removal and rebuild of the 70K-2 PTO!  Check the individual equipment pages for more details.

Also, for you Tang Soo Do practitioners, our famous Tang Soo Do Videos are also available in DVD format as well as VHS. Check the “Tang Soo Do” page for more information.

HI-RES Communications still offers the popular P-1 kits.  The "P-1 Audio Pulser" (a.k.a. “pecker” or “woodpecker”) kit is used in conjunction with a Peak reading watt meter to tune transmitters and amplifiers at low duty cycles to virtually eliminate the possibility of over driving the finals during tune up.  The "P-1 DC Stepper" kit is used to control DC motors at very slow speeds.  Many of these circuits are now in use in remotely controlled mobile antenna tuners utilizing motorized vacuum variable capacitors or motorized roller inductors.  When used at their "normal" speeds, fine tuning is really not possible.  With the P-1 DC Stepper kit installed, you will have "fine tuning" control of these motorized components for less than $20.  Please take a look at the "Kits" section of this web site for more details.

We still offer the ORIGINAL PDC-1, a peak reading converter kit used by thousands of Amateur Radio operators, CB operators and technicians. Don’t accept imitations of this classic kit!  This circuit will convert any Average Reading wattmeter to true Peak Reading!  With the addition of a switch, you can flip between Peak and Average reading!  You can now continue to use your favorite wattmeter to give you accurate voice  peak readings while you operate SSB, TV, and AM!  This circuit is small enough to be installed inside almost any wattmeter and is available in easy to assemble kit form.

HI-RES Communications also offers Radio and Cell Phone Chest Packs to those who would like to use their HTs and cell phones “hands free.”  These high quality packs are made in the USA  to professional standards for great durability and efficient function.  They are widely used in broadcast, skiing, mountaineering, bicycling, public service and Amateur Radio  applications. There are numerous options available with these chest packs making them extremely versatile in today's busy communications oriented world.  Click on the section labeled "Radio Packs" for more  details.

HI-RES Communications' Production Group specializes in web site and video  production for industry, training and education.  We offer some specialized products to the Amateur Radio market.  Our Amateur Radio Group provides the Collins Video Library for those operators that still use  Collins Radio equipment.  This set of videos takes you step by step, through the operation and maintenance and restoration of this classic vintage gear.  For CCA members, we are now offering a new member discount program. Click on the “To Order” page for details.

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