Tang Soo Do Videos
Floyd Jump Kick2

"THE BASIC TANG SOO DO VIDEO"        35 min      $24.95

"THE BASIC TANG SOO DO DVD"          35 min      $24.95

This video introduces the beginning practitioner to the Basic Hand Actions and the Basic Kicks of Moo Duk Kwan - Tang Soo Do. Also covered are the "Geicho" series of elementary forms (hyung). This is the perfect reference video for the beginner practicing at home. Watch the details of these techniques and forms over and over again as you practice along!



"THE INTERMEDIATE TANG SOO DO DVD"    17 min     $24.95

Continuing along with your training, this video follows your progress up the ranks from White Belt level into the Color Belt level. More difficult kicking techniques, like spinning, jumping and pivoting kicks are covered in detail. Also covered are the "Pyung Ahn" series of Color Belt forms (hyung). This video is just the ticket for students that are working their way towards the higher Color Belt ranks!

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