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Purchase any three or more videos/DVDs and get 10% off the retail price! Collins Collectors Association members in good standing now qualify for a 15% discount! Just provide your current CCA member number with your order to take advantage of these savings! Please calculate which discount gives you the greatest savings. (Sorry, we are unable give both discounts at the same time.)

For NTSC VHS format, please add $9.50 shipping & handling within the USA for the first video. Add $16.00 shipping and handling for two or more videos for USA. (Except Tang Soo Do Videos - $8.00 S&H for one or both videos!) Michigan residents please add 6% sales tax.

Shipping & Handling for DVDs are as follows. Add $6.00 S & H within the USA for the first DVD. Add $7.50 S & H within the USA for two DVDs. Add $9.00 S & H for three or more DVDs to be shipped within the USA. Michigan residents please add 6% sales tax. Outside of the USA add $16.00 for the first DVD, $18.00 for two DVDs and $2.00 for each additional DVD to cover S&H.

The new P-1 kits are only $19.95 each, post paid (USA & Canada) in ready to assemble kit form. Be sure to specify "P-1 Audio (wood)pecker" or "P-1 DC Motor Stepper" when ordering. Please add $3.95 postage for overseas orders.

The PDC-1 is available directly from HI-RES COMMUNICATIONS, INC. for only $28.95 postpaid (USA & Canada), in ready to assemble kit form. Please add $3.95 postage for OVERSEAS orders.

Shipping and Handling for Radio Chest Packs is $6.00 for one pack and $8.50 for two.

Michigan residents add 6% sales tax

PayPal gladly accepted! When using PayPal, please send us an email informing us of your payment. PayPal does not always inform us!

When ordering, please include the following information:

NAME, complete ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, E-Mail ADDRESS; QUANTITY and ITEM, DATE, and where you first saw our ad.

HI-RES Communications, Inc., 8232 Woodview Dr., Clarkston, MI 48348-4058 USA

PayPal to: Again, when using PayPal, please send us an email letting us know. PayPal doesn’t always inform us.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery (though typically it will be less than that).

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