Here are some unsolicited comments on our products!

"I had an opportunity this morning to get up early and start watching the DVDs that I ordered from you.  I made it through about 80% of the first one and just had to tell you that this product is absolutely fantastic.  I haven't had this much fun in a long time.  The purchase of these videos is more significant to me than buying the R390As, (I couldn't help it, I bought two radios). The presentation was wonderful, down to earth, easy to understand, almost as though Chuck was anticipating my next questions.  He left nothing out.  I already feel right at home with the 390A's internals and I haven't even cracked the case yet.  Thanks for providing such a wonderful product.” - Rick, N0FR

“Outstanding! Boy, could I have used this in '66. It was after I viewed it when I pulled the M-2 from the attic. Really, it's a great job...thanks again for this fine product." - Stu, K2QDE

"The R-390A Video is great! I've been studying / working on them for two years and still learned many things from your excellent presentation.  Congratulations and thank you for a fine job!" -- WA0HQQ.

"Great Collins Videos! The tuning tips alone are well worth the investment price for HI-RES videos. Your excellent videos helped me get all of my equipment on the air." - Dave, KG8KZ

"…by the way. I have your tapes on the KWM-2 and it's one of the best purchases I ever made---tnx." - Joe, K8JRE

"Received the R-390A Videos today, just finished viewing the 1st video, I'm very impressed!" - Les Locklear

"I have been studying the video tape set on the S/Line from HI-RES....the tapes have been a big help!" - Steve, N0CZV

"I thought the video for the KWM-2/2A and 30L1 was great! Worth the cost." - John, KA4DGF

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say how impressed I am with your videos. They are well done. There is a lot of useful information on the tapes. I plan on also getting the KWM-2 Video in the near future. Again, well done." - Fred, W1SKU

"My wife bought the 30L1 and 75S3/32S3 videos from you for me for Christmas. WELL DONE!!! I thoroughly enjoyed each tape and have now to go back through them and take the appropriate notes to begin the rejuvenation of my first S/Line." - Don, WB5HAK

"I have received the (30S-1) video and viewed it. It is very informative and well worth the $40.00. The quality of the information presented was excellent. I am happy I own it." - Rod, K1ROD

"I also highly recommend Floyd Soo's video on the upkeep and maintenance of the 30L-1. The video features Dennis Brothers giving the overhaul, alignment, modification and operation of the 30L-1. In my opinion its a very good video and I learned a lot from it. (...they also have excellent videos on the S-line and A-line boxes.) Nice thing is you can rewind as many times as needed to get the point." - Carl, W2CSH

 "I also want to commend you on your videos...First rate!" - Ed, NI6S

"My 30S-1 Video is great!" - Ed, N4XY

"I have the KWM-2, S/Line and R-390A videos in my library. My opinion is that they are very informative. The video work is very good and shows how the various functions are performed." "For the amount of information that they give you they are a bargain." "It's like attending a seminar in servicing and repair that you can review over and over..." - Mike, W1RC

"...your 30S-1 Video is a big help to me on my "new" 30S-1." - Herm, KC2DFG

"Electric Radio has a collection of A-4 mods for sale. Butch, K0BS, also discusses it in the HI-RES video on the 75A-4 which I thought was great!" - Ron, N4UE

"Yesterday, I received your mail and the video tapes I had ordered. They are excellent and very valuable. I am very happy. Thank you..." - Yoshinori Ota

"Videos received and viewed. Very impressed with the technical content. Thank you and Dennis Brothers for this quality product. I will recommend these to other Collins collector friends. Nice doing business with you. Thanks again." - Chuck, K5GU

"Wow! What a tape! I REALLY like it a lot!" - Ed (on the 75A-4 Video)

“They are excellent. I have used the 75S-3/32S-3 tape and the KWS-1 tape (VHS - several years ago). Much to your credit, I learned a tremendous amount from the tapes and can now do boatanchor alignments and mods (Collins and others) pretty much from the manuals.” - Mike, K8MAS

"I purchased the video on the SP600 several months ago, and just wanted you to know that the overhaul could not have been done without it, especially the rf deck and the turret. My buddies couldn't believe how much time and effort is involved in the 600 overhaul, I have 2 more to do. The effort is very much worth it. Thank you again". - Les, KB2KNX

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