Collins Amateur Radio Spotter's Guide


   Video    1 hour 40 min          $24.95

    DVD    1 hour 40 min          $24.95

Learn how to recognize classic Collins Radio equipment!

This is the well known video primer to much of the Amateur Radio equipment that the Collins Radio Company is known for.

Now, anyone can learn to spot the different models of transmitters, receivers, power supplies, speakers, wattmeters and more! Whenever possible, the equipment shown in the video is all original. Close ups of important details, inside and out are provided.

This video includes a printed table of contents, to simplify finding a particular piece of equipment. Much of the most popular Amateur equipment that Collins Radio Company produced from the post World War II era to the 1980s is covered in this highly informative video.

Close to 90 individual pieces of Colllins Radio equipment are shown in the video. Examples of some of the gear covered are: KW-1, KWS-1, 30K-1, 20V-3, 75A-4, KWM-2, S/LINE, KWM-1, 30S-1, 30L-1, KWM-380 and much more!

Look for the Product Review of this video in the May 1997 issue of QST!

This video tape was produced with the cooperation of members of the Collins Collectors Association.

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