The P-1 Pulser kit now joins the PDC-1 in our kit line. The P-1 is a dual purpose kit. It can be configured as an audio pulser (pecker) circuit to assist in tuning up linear amplifiers; OR it can be configured as a stepper circuit to control small DC motors used to run vacuum variable capacitors or roller inductors in remote tuning applications. As an audio pulser circuit, the P-1 can be used to inject a signal that drives a transmitter and amplifier with a duty cycle similar to SSB voice. When used in conjunction with a Peak Reading wattmeter, the amplifier does not have to be keyed down at full power and 100% duty cycle for tune up purposes! Your favorite wattmeter can be converted to Peak Reading with our PDC-1, so these two kits can go hand in hand to ensure that your linear amplifier's power supply and PA live a long and unstressful life!

When configured as a stepper circuit to control small DC motors, the P-1 works beautifully to allow you to have fine control over the motor's RPM. The most popular application of this circuit is in remote antenna tuners used in automobiles and fixed stations. The motors used with most roller inductors and vacuum variable capacitors run at a fixed RPM. This high speed can be used to get the component close to proper tuning. Then the P-1 is switched into the circuit for slow, final tuning.

These new kits are only $19.95 each, post paid in the USA and Canada! Be sure to specify "P-1 Audio (wood)pecker" or "P-1 DC Motor Stepper" when ordering. Please add $3.95 postage for OVERSEAS orders. Michigan residents add 6% sales tax.

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