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To join the Collins Collectors Association, please visit the CCA website at and click on the "Membership" page.

Be sure to visit the WA3KEY Virtual Collins Radio Museum! What a great site! Don't be in a hurry when you drop in on this web page! Lots to see!

For you R-390A fans out there, be sure to visit the new R-390A Page. It contains a lot of useful information for R-390A owners!

Looking for the latest in soldering technology? Visit the Solder-It home page! Soldering PL-259s and other connectors has never been easier!

If you are looking for a manual to complement your Collins Videos, try visiting the home page of W7FG Vintage Manuals. They provide manuals for most Amateur Radio equipment!

Please visit the HamRad web site for a great list of Amateur Radio related dealers, manufacturers, and organizations!

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