Collins KWM-2 Video

"THE COLLINS KWM-2 VIDEO"     4 hours        $89.95

"THE COLLINS KWM-2 DVD"       4 hours        $89.95

This highly detailed video illustrates the operation, rebuilding, alignment, troubleshooting and neutralizing of this transceiver. Dennis Brothers, WA0CBK, takes you through the KWM-2 and shows how easy it is to maintain this classic rig. The revised VIF alignment and modification details are worth the price of admission alone! Other topics covered are Tools & Equipment used, 70K-2 PTO rebuild, Dial Calibration and Modifications. Some of the Modifications discussed include the Tone Oscillator, BFO, VOX, Crystal Oscillator, Balanced Modulator, L3, R18, V4, R105, V16 and C266. This video is a must for anyone who owns and operates a KWM-2 / 2A. Printed notes, parts list, production test procedures and schematic are included.

Look at the product review of this video on page 77 of the April 1999 issue of QST!

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