HI-RES Communications offers the famous PDC-1 kit to convert ANY Average Reading wattmeter to true Peak Reading!


Here's what some people are saying about the PDC-1!

“Got the PDC-1 installed in my Heathkit HM-102 today, works great! Just needed a slight tweak of R2 to adjust the meter reading and then I tweaked R4 for the decay rate that I wanted.  Now I just have to decide on buying another one for my HM-2102. HI HI” - Scott, KB0NLY

"I put together the (PDC-1) for my 312B-4 you sent me last week. It works perfectly! Just as good as whistling into the mike, and a lot easier on the finals!" - Craig, WB5HKO

"Works great in my Bird 43! I've been telling all my friends about it! I want to order a second one...!" - Jack, AA8Q

"I am so pleased with the operation of the PDC-1, that I felt I should fire off an email to you. I installed it in a Daiwa CN801 watt meter and it performs excellent!" - Bob, K5OGK

 "...thanks for the pdc's, have wired up two of them and stuck them in our dxped Daiwa watt meters, work just great ! ! - Ken, K7ZUM

"I received my two PDC-1s and installed one into a Bird 43 unit and it works great..." - Don, W7UPF

"Just finished converting a W4 with your kit. Works like a top. I have it sitting next to my MN2000 tuner so that I can see both peak and average at the same time. A wonderfull little kit." - David, WD9CMD

"I installed the kit in a Drake W4 wattmeter, and it works great. I am pleased with the ability to vary decay time, nice feature. This won't be the last kit for me. Thanks for providing a useful and affordable addition to the "average" wattmeter." - Jim, K8IH

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