With the introduction of the Hammarlund SP-600-JX Video, HI-RES Communications breaks new ground with the Video Library. This is the first non-Collins design radio that we have added to the growing list of repair and maintenance videos that we produce. We are dedicated to providing the same high quality videos to now help the SP-600-JX owner that we provided in the past for Collins Radio equipment owners.

Here's what some SP-600-JX Video users say:

"I purchased the video on the SP600 several months ago, and just wanted you to know that the overhaul could not have been done without it, especially the rf deck and the turret. My buddies couldn't believe how much time and effort is involved in the 600 overhaul, I have 2 more to do. The effort is very much worth it. Thank you again". - Les, KB2KNX

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