CCA Forum Videos

"THE 2006 COLLINS FORUM"   1 hour video + CD of slides  $17.95

"THE 2006 COLLINS FORUM DVD" 1 hour DVD + CD of slides $17.95

CCA member Rich Davis, K8PJQ, recounts his service aboard US Navy submarines and his use of Collins equipment on board. He served aboard the diesel subs as well as the nuclear boats. Amazing stories and, of course, amazing radio gear. 2 disc package consisting of a DVD of the presentation and a CD of the slides used during that presentation!

"THE 1997 CCA BANQUET VIDEO"     50 min        $9.95

"THE 1997 CCA BANQUET DVD"       50 min        $9.95

This is a collage of Collins stations from all over the country! This 50 minute video is just plain fun to watch. It is interesting to see how everybody else does it! Lots of classic boat anchors on display and in operation!


"THE 1992 COLLINS FORUM"         1 hour         $9.95

"THE 1992 COLLINS FORUM DVD"        1 hour        $9.95

Warren Bruene (W5OLY) talks about his transmitter and amplifier design work at Collins Radio Co., including the 30K series transmitters and the 30S-1 amplifier! He also talks about his personal relationship with Art Collins.


"THE 1991 COLLINS FORUM"         1 hour         $9.95

"THE 1991 COLLINS FORUM DVD"       1 hour        $9.95

The history of Collins amateur radio equipment by Rod Blocksome, K0DAS. Informative presentation from the first Collins radio to the KWM-380. Including exclusive footage of rare prototypes - like the KWM-3 / KWM-5000.

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