R-390A Addendum Video

"THE R-390A ADDENDUM VIDEO"    4 hours    Only $49.95!

"THE R-390A ADDENDUM DVD"    4 hours    Only $49.95!

The latest addition to the Collins Video Library is the R-390A Addendum. After the introduction of the 7 hour long R-390A Video, R-390A owners asked for more! So back to the studio we went with Chuck Rippel, K8HU (ex-WA4HHG). When we emerged, Chuck had given us another four full hours of detailed information on the care and feeding of the R-390A. Obviously, this video is not meant to take the place of the original video. It is meant to supplement it! So R-390A owners now have 11 hours of coaching available to them right in the comfort of their own homes! Subjects covered within include: more "General Information", a more "Detailed Circuit Description", more "PTOs", "Quick Checks" (to quickly establish the electrical condition of a R-390A), an even more detailed rebuild of the "RF Deck", more "Power Supply" talk, "Restoration" tips, and "R-390A Accessories".

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