Collins 75A-4 Video

"THE COLLINS 75A-4 VIDEO"       4 hours         $89.95

"THE COLLINS 75A-4 DVD"       4 hours         $89.95

The Collins 75A-4 Video takes you through complete operation, repair, alignment and restoration of this classic receiver! Collins expert Butch Schartau, K0BS, takes the mystery out of maintaining your own 75A-4! Topics covered include alignment of 455 kc IF, Rejection Tuning, Passband Tuning, BFO, VIF, Crystal Oscillator, Antenna Trimmer and the RF section. Also covered are adjustments of the PTO End Point, Tweet Trap, AVC Threshold, Crystal Calibrator, S Meter and Dial Centering. As mentioned above, discussions on Operation, Troubleshooting, Modifications and Restoration are also included.

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